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Are You Ready for Some Innovation? , by Jimmy Vaccaro
Tuesday, December 23 2008

“It always happens to me,” or, “It's about time I won a game like that.” Those were the echoes from every player and BM from here to Mars Monday night after Brandon Jacobs ran it in from two yards as the Giants covered the spread vs. the Panthers.

Several years ago, there was talk about grading events at the conclusion of the regular game, with overtime being non-existent. I'm not sure if anyone offers that rule, but it is not available in Nevada.

About 20 years ago, there was talk about initiating such a rule, but since the start of the computer age, it was not logistically possible because you would have to enter the score twice. Additionally, a notation would have to be made on whether bettors wished to conclude their bet at the end of regulation, win or lose.

But like everything, betting on sports events could use an added spark. And conversations with computer programmers indicate that creating the bet is not as difficult as it once was. Forget the good outcome or the bad beat, I would like to see such a rule implemented and see some change in a business that is conducting itself in neutral.

The economy still drives business, and I would hope that we could rekindle a fair and responsive way to energize this business. Teasers have been both a bonanza and a nightmare for a long time, but they could be a catalyst for creating new excitement on how we look at and utilize point spreads.

Would you move off a number to get a better price, and I'm not just talking about point spread props which seem to have lost steam this season.

For gaming in general, and race and sports in particular this year, the “big” guys and the “little” guys come out of the same starting block with the same mindset: to keep their sportsbook busier than that gas station in Tonopah.

While we understand that massive changes have to come from the systems, and no one wants to pay for the R&R, collectively we might have to. So tweaking the potential results on an overtime game is just an example of breathing some life into the biz via a bet which has never before been offered.

Now, you can sit in your office and play defense and concede to the status quo, or you can make some moves. Passive is boring, so controlled aggression should be the tactic.

Would you like this option if it was offered? Belly up to the counter and say give me the 7 horse in the 3d at Belmont with the Chargers -7 for 20 skins. Or how about betting the market closes higher tomorrow parlayed with the Yankees for $100.

Sure, that's way out there in some circles, I admit, but 30 years ago I couldn't watch the Giants-Panthers game on my phone either,

Take Care
Jimmy Vaccaro

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