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Wild Card Weekend, 4 Road Favorites?, by Jimmy Vaccaro
Thursday, January 1 2009

Looking at the opening numbers on the screen for Wild Card Weekend, we find four road favorites. I don't know if that's ever happened before, but would not be surprised if the Chargers end up as a small favorite, as it was at a few spots late Sunday.

But this exercise deals with how the dollar is chopped up in the next six days. Under normal conditions, and according to what your client base is, about 40 percent of money bet on a game is straight bets, with parlays also running at about 40 percent. The remaining 20 percent is divided between totals, money lines, etc.

But this is not a normal week. It is just too hard to pass up getting down on something early or late among bowl games, even if you think your best playoff bet is in your sights.

Nothing like having a winner under your belts connected to the Eagles and Colts, because you can always reload if that first bet becomes an L by Friday.

I believe our parlay action at Lucky's will outdistance straight bets, even with the limit bets we will take during five great days of games. I'm not trying to be anyone's moral compass here, but don't choke yourself on parlays. However, I have seen it happen year after year, and a single voice will not change anyone's betting habits.

By now the numbers have been pounded pretty good, and you will not see any significant line moves, especially after Wednesday. But with all the mayhem, we, like our competitors, will try to put up something that will draw added attention to our betting menu, and hope no one else does it.

The soup du jour will be players and team props, but a little imagination can be included to grab bettors' attention. As I mentioned earlier, I don't ever recall seeing road chalk in all four playoff games. And I also don't remember ever seeing anyone book the four road favs to all win or all lose in the first round.

So, mull this over: Road teams to sweep gets you 7-1; home teams to win all four get you 14-1. That's the deal at Lucky's. Stop by and let me know what you think.

Take Care,
Jimmy Vaccaro

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